Like-minded filmmakers, artists, and musicians contributing through creativity multiple perspectives of the human condition.

  • cover_twinpeaks

    Twin Peaks

    A one of a kind audio visual experience, the music from Twin Peaks preformed by El Chico Blanco, inspired by the music of Angelo Badalamenti alongside the images of David Lynch’s television series. © 2014

  • cover_voidscapes


    Voidscapes is an art installation comprised of repurposed film footage set to modern sound. A collaboration of images retouched using illustration rendering alongside music composed with analog synthesizers and found sound. © 2013

  • cover_unwanted

    The Unwanted

    The Unwanted is an animated collage of mixed mediums. The basis of the project was to personify the definition of particular mental illnesses, alongside the parallels of the common human experience. © 2012

  • cover_coda


    Coda is documentary about the sad departure of a cherished musical instrument, narrated by the music of Bill Evans performed by Steve Blanco. © 2011

  • cover_bicycle


    Bicycle is a short film about a ride through the city, transporting a young woman to love, fantasy and faded memories. An Official Selection at the Harlem International Film Festival. © 2007

  • cover_filth

    The Filth

    The Filth is a short film shot on 16mm about a depressed man whom examines his life and doesn’t like what he sees. An Official Selection at the San Francisco Short Film Festival. © 2005

  • cover_reflection


    Reflection is a stop motion claymation that intertwines reality and fantasy. The sequence was the first of a five act play, with intention of expanding but the piece may forever remain unfinished. © 2001